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Pattaya Go Go ClubsMany people have heard of the amazing nightlife of Bangkok, Thailand, but few have heard about the well kept secret of Pattaya, which is less than two hours drive from Bangkok. The beach side tropical paradise of Pattaya City became a popular R & R spot for the American soldiers during the Vietnam Occupancy. The well known come on, "Hey Joe, love you long time..." originated at the Pattaya Beer Bars in this very town.

Pattaya Beer BarsBeautiful white sand beaches with boating, parasailing, bicycling, and scuba diving, added to the greatest nightlife of anywhere in the world makes Pattaya a vacation spot perfect regardless of what you are looking for. Click to start the YouTube video above to see a few high lights of Pattaya, Thailand and the amazing night life to be found there.

Men looking for the party of a lifetime will love cruising the beachside Pattaya Beer Bars. For even more excitement, take a stroll down Walking Street and check out the Go-Go Clubs and Go-Go Dancers. You will feel like you are suddenly living life like a Rock Star! Worn out from too much partying? Have a Pattaya Massage. Your American dollar will buy more than ever before, the food is amazing, all the girls are friendly... Pattaya is possibly the best place to vacation on planet earth. All this and so much more awaits you in Pattaya, but you have to get to Thailand first!

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